Wednesday 16 March 2011

Yarn and eggs in exchange for more storage!

Well it has been a busy day box filling!  My parents are visiting so I'd set them both on jobs, dad was making me more Barnacre price tags for all the knitwear that needs pricing and mum was helping pack.  Mum has been complaining about the stuff I have hoarded away in my workroom.  She has to check before she throws anything away!!

We are initially going into a small rented cottage very close by whilst we sort out a more permantent location, which will hopefully be not too far from where we are now.

It has been a really foggy murky day so it was ideal for working in doors.  It was that foggy at some points that you couldn't even see the alpacas at the top of the garden.

This evening mum and I nipped over to Carols, I'd got some more boxes for her garage, fleece for Dave to card and some yarn I'd spun for Carol.  I was feeling rather guilty at the amount of things I have taken over there so I did take over some eggs to ease my conscience slightly - it didn't work though.

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