Sunday, 20 March 2011

Is it a snake?

Well a very busy weekend draws to a close and Paul is already tucked up in bed, although I can still hear him coughing and sneezing down here!

Before we got on with the job of packing and moving some of our belongings we had a few alpaca jobs to do, things don't stop just because we have to move house.  One of the jobs was to clean and fill a couple of the water troughs.  One of which belonged to the weanlings, this involved running a very long hosepipe from one of our outside taps through the boys field. 

Once full I was reeling the hose back in and Hughie thought he'd spied the worlds largest snake!!  He was chasing it, jumping on it and getting all excited.  He didn't seem to believe me when I pointed out it wasn't alive and it was only a hose pipe.

I've just been washing another batch of knitwear which includes an order for a set of twins which will be posted off tomorrow all being well.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Glad Hughie went to the rescue ......of you from the big snake !!.....blimey...washing knitware and posting it off tomorrow.....hope its that's what I call speed knitting !!........and moving house......when do you get the time......Im sure Paul feels a little bit better after his dram or two !!.......Jayne