Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lawn care

I can't believe it is Sunday night again, the time is just flying by.

The weekend weather has been very changeable, Saturday was awful whilst today has improved as the day has gone on.  The fields that were just starting to dry out are now back to square one, mud, mud and more mud.

Paul was clearing out the garage this morning of things that were no longer required, broken or just seem to have arrived of their own accord (this is usually something to do with my dad).  Whilst he was doing this we let Golden Guinea out of his field to munch the grass along the drive.

Guinea soon worked his way up the steps onto the back lawn; he doesn't miss a trick.  He has spent all day on there, well at least it saves cutting it and thankfully he stayed away from my blackcurrant and raspberry bush which despite the freezing weather are starting to bud.

Alan kindly dropped over another large bale of hay yesterday, now there are signs of green shoots in the paddocks I would hope this will be the last big bale we need and the remaining small ones will see us through until the summer.


Rosemary said...

How I wish I had a Bale Fairy!

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