Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I spy with my little eye

We have had a real mixed bag of weather today, sun, showers, snow and gale force winds.  In between showers Paul managed to remove some of the debris from the harrowing, you wouldn' believe how much it had pulled up.  I'm sure the grass will grow much better for it.

During the last two days I have managed to get Paul to update the shop, we now have quite a bit of stock which is good because it isn't that long until our first outing which will be to Seaton Delaval Hall at the beginning of May.

I have also managed to get Carol's latest batch of knitting washed and dried so it is now awaiting labelling, photographing and listing - Paul spotted it on the side a minute ago and complained that he thought he was up to date.

We had to nip to Alnwick this afternoon for a very exciting meeting.  There is a lot going on here at Barnacre at the minute and I can't wait to share it with you all, just need a few bits tying up first.

No alpaca photo's today, but can you spot who's hiding in the wood pile?


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

For a minute or two, I thought it was 'Sticky the Stick Insect', Baldricks pet from one of the Blackadder series, but then I thought I could see a pair of kittens eyes peeping out! Sorry we won't see you at the Futurity now, but good luck with your 'exciting developments'.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

He He....I had to enlarge the photo.......then I noticed a little pair of eyes...staring at me through the logs....what a little pest....and how did you ever notice she was there.....anyway !!.....excellent photo !!.......Jayne