Tuesday 6 November 2012

Additional heads to count

Today we have been adding to the head count here at Barnacre.  Today it was Shetland sheep, we choose a tup for our girls a few weeks ago and we had arranged to go and collect him today, we also managed to coax three ewes out of the same prize winning herd.

When we got there today Phillip, the young owner had sorted out two other girls he thought we might like, so instead of three new girls we came home with five.  So our new tup (who in true Barnacre style needs a name) has 9 maybe 10 girls to tup in the next few weeks. 

He can't actually go out just yet as we want to go to the Alpaca Championship show in April so I can't lamb too early as leaving mum and dad to look after the farm is bad enough without the posibilities of babies too!

Shetlands have for generations been noted for their very soft and well crimped fleece, with their wool being the finest of all native breeds which is why I have chosen to keep them.  They also show an amazing variety of colours and patterns.  Our new boy who is brown has a lovely fine fleece which is surprising long.  It was too dark to take a photo when we got sorted so that will have to wait.

On the alpaca front, the girls all stayed in today as it wasn't very nice, they seemed quite content to sit in eating hay; as did the goaties!

Bridie's sore has been bathed and filled with intrasite gel, she is one tough cookie and takes everything in her stride.  She has started bending her legs a bit but having had them in plaster most of her short life it is clearly something that doesn't feel very normal.

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Shirley said...

It's time you two guys had an ark built for all these animals, then you can lead them in , two by two! Take care. Shirley & Robbie