Monday 26 November 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I know I've not blogged for a few days which is unlike me, I am ok and the computer isn't broken, but thank you for the texts of concern!  Things have just been rather hectic round here.

We had three lots of visitors on Saturday which with rapidly reducing daylight hours we thought it was pretty impressive to fit them all in.

The first two lots of visitors were other alpaca owners who came for various different reasons, Jeannine & Craig wanted a fleece skirting lesson ready for sending their fleece up to the Border Mill.  They bought Jam-Pack's fleece over, ooh how I loved his fleece, he was one of our Gianmarco babies from last year and a real cutie and has a stunning fleece.

They also wanted to see the two little boys they have reserved to add to there fabulous herd of fibre producing boys.  Indigo and Azrael are at opposite ends of the size scale so it will be a while before the boys are off to join their existing gang.

Our third set of visitors came to walk the alpacas on one of our farm walk and talks.  It was a birthday treat for Lyndsey and her family and they thoroughly enjoyed it.  As you can see they proved a big hit with the girls.  From left to right we have Lyndsey, Cathy and Alec (dad was proving rather camera shy). 

Here they are off on their walk with Nadia, Minimus, Angelica and Piccolina, once again dad was hiding from the camera. 
Our walk and talks are proving very popular gifts at the minute, it's a great idea for a Christmas present as we make personalised invitations.

Sunday we had a full house of Pearson's cracking on with a rather long job list.  The daylight hours are so short we didn't manage to crack the whole list but we did get the most important jobs done and Ross took home a Barnacre Christmas Tree so he was happy!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Looks like a great busy time ... I can't believe the frost down there with you ! .... Jayne