Wednesday 28 November 2012

Boys on the job

Things continue to be busy on the farm, there are all the usual jobs which seem twice as hard  in the wet muddy conditions.  We have actually has all 72 alpacas and 16 goats in for the last few days as the weather has been so bad and the fields are so unpleasant.

I'm afraid the sheep have had to brave it though, we put Wesley our blackie tup out at the weekend and we picked up a couple of tups from a local farmer who has kindly lent them to us for a few weeks.  This was them watching Paul through the bedroom window not long before they were introduced to the ladies.
Galileo has also been having lots of fun with the lady goats, he is in his element surrounded by lots of flirtatious ladies.  Hopefully we will have some very nice angora kids in the spring.

We are getting through copious amounts of carrots at the minute as the alpacas now have competition; the goats love them!  You usually get a few odd shapes and sizes in the bags but I've not seen one like this before, they usually start as one and divide.
Who said two into one doesn't go!!


Judi B said...

Certainly looks very muddy over where you are! We have a little mud but at least the forecast is for dry weather now...we'll see if they're right!

Bev said...

Never thought I'd say it but "another frosty morning, bliss!"