Monday 5 November 2012

Free to roam

I'm not sure what happened to last nights blog, I had plans to write one, but after a long day out in the fields and evening in the shed we sat down to watch the grand prix and I did some knitting and I just couldn't keep my eyes open again - it was late; honest!

Gill and Ross came over, Paul and Ross were fencing whilst Gill & I mucked out, well Gill actually did most of the mucking out as we had alpaca visitors so I spent the afternoon with them showing them round and talking alpaca.

It was great to talk alpaca with some very enthusiastic potential alpaca owners.  The girls took great delight in showing off how friendly and approachable they are and Barbilla too a real shine to Fran.

Today was a big day for Bridie, she was booked in to have her plaster casts removed.  She's never really been too keen on these ones so I was looking forward to getting them off as well as I hated seeing her with them on.

She was her usual waiting room crowd pleaser, she is so calm and relaxed.  Having been cut slightly when the last lot were removed Sam was paranoid about his none cut saw!  First to come off was the right leg, the worst of the two and it looked good.

Second was the left, this one wasn't quite such good news.  When he started sawing I thought I smelt something not very pleasant, but just before we'd left I'd been dealing with a smelly goats foot so thought it might have been my hands (despite washing them three times!) so I didn't say anything.

Unfortunately it wasn't me it was Bridie's leg, she has a nasty dressing sore of the back of her knee.  I wonder now if this is why she has not been happy with this set of casts.  Her sore has been cleaned and treated and I will do this for the next few days and this will hopefully heel nicely.

Her legs are looking much better so we will see how we go, because of the sore we couldn't put anything on her left leg even if we'd wanted too.  Sam was pleased with the improvement which was encouraging.  This girl is a fighter......


Rosemary said...

Well done with Bridie - hope that sore improves soon.

oak haven alpacas said...

Oh poor girl! That sore has to hurt :( but at least now the casts are off and it can heal.