Wednesday 21 November 2012

Proving popular

Galileo is certainly a popular chap both on the blog and on the farm, the girls are desperate to get close to him; not much longer to wait girls!

All the alpacas seem to be enjoying their routine of going out in the morning and coming back in for their tea and bed.  I had an appointment today (more on that next week hopefully), so I was running a little late and it was getting dark by the time I got back but everyone knew the way.  It's the first time the new girls have had to come in when the light is fading but they didn't seem to mind.

All the chicks have finally worked out how to go upstairs in their coop to bed too which is great news, I've been having to reach in at night and put them upstairs and in typical chicken style they find the most awkward place to go were I can't quite reach them.

Our knitwear is proving very popular at the minute, mum, Carol (that's the two legged one not the four legged new girl) and me are knitting like crazy at the minute, I'm taking Christmas present orders as well as trying to replenish stock for our next outing next week.

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