Tuesday 13 November 2012

The turn of the ladies

Sorry you had a little longer than I anticipated to meet the new girlies, I had mouse issues, it wouldn't work.  I think it may have taken exception to the cup of tea I gave it to drink earlier in the day!

The new girls and their babies have settled in remarkably, they have already got into their routine and know their way in and out of the shed.  The chickens are something they are obviously not used to seeing as they get some very serious looks, especially if they are in the girls bed - so most evenings!

So let me introduce you, first up we have Cara, this girl has everything, fabulous fleece stats, the look, great conformation and she's pregnant to Patriot.  Her son wanted in on the photo too so that's his nose you can see!
Next up is Divinity, she too is the complete package, in fact her fleece stats are very slightly better than Cara's. 
Next up is Nicosia, we both fell in love with her as soon as we saw her, she has a very dense smoky fawn fleece and is pregnant to The Chief (grey) who sadly died earlier this year.

Then we have the two old girls; well it seemed a shame not to!  First up is Carina, she is a laid back girl with a very dense fleece for her age. 
And finally we have Carol, now how could we not bring Carol home to meet the other Carol!  This girl is so funny, she seems to have taken charge of the new herd (who are in quarantine at present).  She is very chilled out, unless that is you dare to touch her baby! 
Oops not quite the two girls we went to pick up was it!  Never mind you only live once......


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

You only live once ... so enjoy it ! and your lovely new alpacas, well it was a long drive and there was room to spare in the trailer ..! any excuse, I agree....nice to see them enjoying their new northern surroundings.... Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

A taxi is alwaays cheaper when it's full and the cost is shared! Fill those Northumbrian hills with fine alpacas!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to meet Carol.....will be visiting her soon.....with carrots!
Old girls indeed!!!

Carol x

Rob @ Wellground said...

Crikey Debbie, those girls look fab. Well done.

Good to see you on Saturday, you did look tired after that long drive the day before. Hope you've recovered now.