Friday 16 November 2012

Alpaca Visitors

We have had a lovely afternoon talking alpaca with our alpaca visitors who are planning on breeding quality fleece producing alpacas. Once again I forgot to ask permission to name them - I really must stop doing that!  They fell in love with a couple so I had to check the boot before they left.

It was a great excuse to have a rummage through some cria fleeces, I always find it fascinating how these evolve and change as the youngsters grow. 

Paul was trying to get them to take Basil, my little billy goat back to Scotland but I won't be parting with him anytime soon.  He is such a friendly chap and he clearly had a very rough start to life I intend to spoil him for a little while.

We've had more on line sales today and our new credit card machine also got tested with a purchase from the farm.  There are certainly lots of people Christmas shopping now.  Maybe I need to take a leaf out of their book as make a start on mine..... 

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