Wednesday 14 November 2012

Hay you that's my milk

Pablo, this years little pocket rocket from Chiquita is such a little sweetie, just like his half brother Minimus and full sister Piccolina.

From being a few days old he has tried to feed from whoever is closest, not because Chiquita is lacking in milk just he can't be bothered to walk to her.  It has to be said she doesn't feel the need to stay close to her baby.

He certainly isn't shy, our herd grump Kate (grey one at the trough) has been stolen from in the past and today was the turn of Little Miss Irraquoy.
Irraquoy is completely bonkers and had she spotted Pablo there is no doubt he would have been spat at profusely and chased round the field.  Pablo isn't daft though, he usually times his thefts when the girls have their head down in the trough, or when there own cria is feeding and he'll sneak in the other side.

Irraquoy's own baby, Pepe (aka skunk) was slightly bemused that his milk bar was busy so took to eating hay off Pablo's back whilst Pablo stole his milk!


Donna@Honeyfield said...

Alpacas, Don't they just make you smile.

Unknown said...

Love the " hey you that's mine ' photo.

I'm at Bozedown want anything brought back?

Shirley said...

'Opportunity knocks' for Pablo - great photos. Shirley & Robbie

Fran W said...

That is so funny!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Ha ha, that's priceless, either Pepe needs to 'man-up', or he understands Pablos need!