Friday 2 November 2012

Farm walk & talk

Just a quick blog tonight as I still have lots to do before tomorrow's Morpeth Farmers market.  It's always the same I end up running round like a headless chicken the night before a fair.  The boys are tucked up in the barn though for an early departure!

We had a lovely family round today for a farm walk and talk.  Minimus, Piccolina and Angelica had a good walk up the hill, they all really enjoy their stroll up the hill and don't mind at all that they are being led by complete strangers.

The girls went out for a bit this morning, getting them in there field wasn't quite as easy as getting them into the shed.  Some ran past their gate others ran back to the barn, but we got there in the end.

It was much easier getting them back in this afternoon, they all ran straight down to the gate, with the exception of Little Miss Irraquoy - need I say more; she's bonkers!

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