Sunday 20 January 2013

Snow flake, quick run

Anyone following us on Twitter will know that we have been under a blanket of the white stuff for a week now and I'm sick of it; if I could pack it over to Barbara I would do!  I've been carrying water round for everyone since Tuesday and it doesn't look that that's going to change any time soon.

The alpacas are not keen to venture out, although with a bit of persuasion this morning Liberty and Azrael went out to survey the grounds, after they had had there special round of warm speedibeat.

As soon as Liberty felt a flake of snow she was off back into the shed like a shot, I just managed to catch her mid leap!

Personally I think the cats have the best idea!! 
We have done our first bit of weaning today, I hate it, crying babies just tugs at my heart strings.  I'll take the camera out again tomorrow to share a few photos, by the sounds of the forecast they will be indoor shots though. 


Unknown said...

Thanks Debbie the snow has arrived here this morning...good of you to share!

Shirley said...

Snow certainly adds to the workload doesn't it? Keep warm! Shirley & Robbie