Tuesday 22 January 2013

Yet more snow

I couldn't believe my eyes when I got up this morning and saw how much more snow we'd had overnight, I was dreading going out for fear of what I might find.

The snow drifts are now over the top of the fence in places
All the alpacas and goats are tucked up in the shed but our 200 sheep are out on various parts of the hill.  So after I'd sorted everyone out in the shed I had to trek up the hill to the lambs with food, they already have a big bale of hay.

This is the channel me and the alpacas would usually walk up
The sheep and lambs regularly snuggle up near the hens and down the banks of the culvert, rather worrying the culvert is nowhere to be seen as the snow has completely filled in the dip. I'm hoping all the lambs moved before hand.

With the lambs fed I needed to head down to the Shetland ewes, now this was a challenge, I needed to take them food and hay and there was no way the quad would get out so off I trudged.  Wading waist deep for much of the way I got stuck a few times and ended up on my bum at least twice.

This wasn't even half way there but I needed an excuse for a rest
Then about half way
Thankfully the Shetlands were all ok and grateful of there little pallet shelter.  They were pleased to see me with some supplies!

On the way back I spotted what looked like a sheep foot sticking up out of the snow.  When I managed to get to it there were four of them, and unfortunately I dug out a dead ewe.  Next to her was a lamb with just it's head showing which I dug out along with it's mate. 

Then I spotted a third one completely buried which took some freeing but when I did I saw a tiny bit of fleece next to it, there was another one down there and I'd been stood on it.  I'm talking four foot of snow drifts here and I needed the spade as my hands were now freezing and useless. 

I managed to free her and she was still alive, they are now in the shed and one is looking much better I'm not so sure the other one will pull through but I'm trying my best.

Never in a million years when we took on hill sheep did I think they would cause me the heartache that they do, sometimes even I wonder where I find the strength to do what I do.

Hopefully now it has finally stopped snowing we can have a bit of a thaw, she says hopefully!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Crikey, you need your Ready-Brek in the morning Debbie, or better still, proper porridge! Do hope the rest of your flock are safe.

Rosemary said...

Well done for finding them - hope they pull through.

Shirley said...

Well done Debbie, hard work - and heartbreaking! Hope they pull through OK. Shirley & Robbie

Unknown said...

Take care Debbie x

Andrew said...

well done you ! wish i could come up and lend a hand. stick at it, it will soon be warm and sunny and you will have lambs skipping about.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

This weather makes everything much more difficult .... sounds like you need extra helping hands ! especially with such heavy snowfall ... hoping that it soon melts and makes your life a little easier ! ....Jayne x

Bev said...

Blimey Debbie, poor you, be careful out there.

Karen Oglesby - Meon Valley Alpacas said...

Oh dear, I love snow but not on that scale. I hope your lambs pull through. Take care!