Wednesday 3 December 2008

All change and Mary gets excited

We woke to snow still this morning, in fact we had had another light sprinkling over night. Most of the alpacas were in the shelters, well with the exception of the main herd who were all sat in the snow!

Mary seemed cold again, so I decided that I would swap everyone round before the heavy snow arrives that is forecast tonight. The sales girls stayed where they were, but all the boys moved to make way for the girls. Hughie, Loki, Legend & Marky have much better sheltering facilities (until we finish the last large shelter in the girls field) and I know Mary has been dying to get back into their shelter - they used that field last winter.

Golden Guinea had to move first, I don't trust him next to Ursula, he seems to remember that she gave him a good time and he is somewhat obsessed with her and tries to get over the fence when he can see her! He is now in the sales teams resting paddock with the other boys in the stud field next to him.

As usual everyone got very excited exploring their new fields, the cria were very taken with the lambs in the neighbouring field which pleased Mia! Poor Gaussian got left behind when the stampede began into the new field. He is far from bright bless him and needed some encouragement to go through the gate.

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