Tuesday 2 December 2008

Another wintery morning

We got up to a covering of snow again this morning, it had fallen on the already sheet ice so it was treacherous.

Mary seemed to be feeling the cold, not that it stopped her wanting her breakfast. I think she remembered it was the day for her cream and she didn't fancy it. She's pretty good really, I'm trying 'Stop it' cream on her bald patches to see if it works. If it does I will try it on Duchess too. Thankfully Mary is quite cooperative and I manage to do it on my own in the open field. Surprising what the promise of a little extra food will do!

The hay consumption is on the increase again, I don't think they have seen the grass without thick frost or snow on it for well over a week now. The sales team virtually live in their shelter or snuggled round the hay manger, they are so predictable. Angelus' cria temporarily named Munchkin is getting very friendly with me. She comes to say hello every day now and we exchange a little nose nuzzle and hum.

Talking of the sales team we recently got the fleece stats back for Katia. Her second fleece was a very impressive 21.1 micron (SD 3.7 & CV 17.7), with fleece stats like that and with her first cria due in May she would be a fantastic addition to anyone looking for quality alpacas.

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