Saturday 13 December 2008

Snowing again!

Can you believe it, I've just opened the door for Twiggy (one of the cats) to answer a call of nature and we have about an inch of snow! It's been absolutely chucking it down with rain all day, there are rivers running all over the fields and now we have snow.

Roll on Spring!

I think the whole herd are living in their respective shelters constantly as this afternoon when we went to feed everyone all the shelters were rather dirty, so after another night in them with no one stepping outside in the snow they wont be very pleasant in the morning - first job cleaning shelters then!

Angelus, one of the Ozzie girls we have for sale, has finally plucked up the courage to eat from my hand. She has been thinking about it for a little while now but at last she taken the final step and done it. It's good because it allows me to give her that bit extra as she has lost a bit of condition with feeding her very demanding cria and also being pregnant again. Her cria, affectionately known as Munchkin will be weaned soon, so that should also help.

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