Monday 15 December 2008

Poor little babies

My poor little (or not so little) babies are missing their mummy's. I hate weaning time, a necessary evil though and I know they will soon get over it.

I do find it amazing how very brave youngsters turn into not at all brave humming weanlings the minute they are taken from mum. Even Horatio is not happy and looking for his mum to cuddle up to. It is nice that they see me as the mother figure, all five come running the minute they see me clucking away, Aodhfin is glued to me, I'm sure he would climb in my pocket if he could. Even Sienna who wouldn't normally come within six feet of you unless absolutely necessary is my friend.

Thankfully, as I expected Horatio took everyone into the field shelter last night and they snuggled up to the hay - it's the next best thing to mum you know!

The mums, with the exception of Mary who was far too interested in the freshly filled hay mangers, went back to the gate to look for their babies after breakfast. They soon moved on to eating though, so no worries there.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ah.....It does make you feel guilty !...and pulls at your heart strings when weaning time comes..but those little babies will soon turn into teenagers !!..first few days are the worst and soon things will settle down..and those babies will soon be fully grown..and the new arrivals will be here !!.....stay strong and give them all an extra special cuddle !!.....Jayne