Tuesday 30 December 2008

All's well

Today has been a better day, thankfully after aborting her pregnancy last night Alice passed the plasenta over night. I had her shut in with one of her friends Angelus, just to make sure all was ok as it took her a little while to pass it. To be honest I think they both enjoyed filling their necks on hay all night!

Alice is none the worse for her ordeal yesterday and has been running the fence line clucking at Golden Guinea who is a couple of fields away. It really does amazing me how they can be so keen on boys so quickly after giving birth - must be mad!

I have had the preliminary post-mortem report back from the vets on the cria that died last week and there were no obvious reasons for the death. The final report should be back later in the week.

On a much brighter note, regular readers will recall that I had said it wouldn't be long before Aria would be eating from my hand. Well today she eat from my mums hand, she had to fight her way in because Angelus thinks that she is the only one entitled to hand feed at the minute.

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Patou Alpacas said...

Sorry to hear the latest bad news, 2009 better be a good one for us all or I'm going to........................to..................do something somewhere.