Tuesday 16 December 2008

Golden Guinea is happy again

This morning was a morning of major cleaning. The weather has been either wet or snowing for days, I've not been able to get out with the paddock cleaner and the fields were in need of cleaning.

First was the sales girls old field, I have put them in with the main herd now over winter as the main herd have a much larger paddock with more grass. It has to be said they are much messier than the other groups so theirs is always the worst to clean!

Over three hours later I'd done two stud fields and the girls and needed a cup of tea! I now have a mountain of muck but thankfully have a new collector coming on Thursday - hopefully with a very big car boot.

Since moving the sales team Guinea has been missing his girls, so I have moved him up a field. He is now closer, but not to close, to his beloved girls. He is such a character I love him to bits. I let him have a munch in one of the channels whilst I was cleaning the stud field he came out of which he liked. He went to say hello to Imala who is still looking for Aodhfin; Imala soon told him what for - she's holding her pregnancy then!!

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