Sunday 7 December 2008

Time with the animals at last

We had nothing booked in today so we planned to get on with building another shelter; yes I know we're always building, but when you rotate fields and in the wet horrible weather you can never have enough!

We still have frozen snow on the fields, in fact our little lane is a sheet of compact snow and ice in places so it wasn't the best weather for it. It was nice to be working with the inspection team on patrol; Blossom, Horatio, Ursula and Imala to name the front row. They now have sides but no roof yet. I need to go and get a bracket as we are one short for some reason so we came to a premature halt.

With all our Christmas fairs over and done with now, hopefully I will have a bit more time to get prepared for Christmas at home and do some ironing, I have to have the biggest ironing mountain the world has ever seen!!

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