Friday 19 December 2008

The wind and rain returns

My word what a difference a day makes, the cold, rain and wind are back. In fact is is very very windy, I can hear things banging about outside that shouldn't be banging!

As the weather has turned the herd have headed back into the shelters. They are very predictable, slightest bit of cold and Mary heads in, closely followed by Duchess and her cria Mallika, then go the Ozzy girls and so on. If you set a camera up I'm sure I'd be able to get most of the entry order correct.

The weanlings seem a bit happier today, Barnaby decided he would have some tea today which was good. Since they have been weaned only Sienna and Aodhfin had been eating the supplement so it was nice to see Barnaby tucking in again. Whilst the three of them were eating their tea, Lualeni and Horatio where chasing round the paddock like mad things, then we had a lovely pronking display. It is the first time I'd seen Lualeni 'pronking' she never quite seemed to get the hang of it before now.

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