Thursday 18 December 2008

Grateful maure collectors

This morning we had visitors, new manure collectors, it's great to see how pleased people get over paca poo! The were pleased to get to meet the generous providers of said muck - Horatio enjoyed a bit of attention.

Talking of the babies they are all going ok without their mums milk, although they are still quite vocal. Their mums have already moved on and appear to have forgotten about their babies already. Nefertiti is the only one who seems to be at a bit of a loss without her daughter.

I had had a delivery of the worlds largest round bale!!! Alan,our farmer friends obviously saw me finishing off the last bale yesterday and deposited in it's place was a fresh one this morning. He's great, it saves me having to store them. As regular readers will remember I had a garage full of the rectangular ones back in the late summer. How quick they vanish in this weather though.

I know exactly who the main culprits are. I have a few of, what Rob from Wellground would call rotund, whilst the Patou man Mark would say Lardy girls. Particularly Little Miss Irraquoy who may as well move into the hay manger she is there so much. I have a couple of girls who could do with some of her bulk as being pregnant and feeding cria is taking it's toll on their condition score.

The last minute shoppers are still out there I have had a couple of phone calls today plus an on line sale so it's off the the post office for me in the morning. I bet that will be a long queue!

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