Monday 1 December 2008

November record

Having been at the Hexham Christmas fair over the weekend and all the preparation involved I don't seem to have found time to do the routine jobs for ages. So this morning I've been doing some catching up.

The good news is that November was our best month yet for sales, with the fair and the online orders coming through the stocks are going down so get in there soon for your Christmas presents before we sell out of your favourite items.

The second bit of good news, just over a week after Barnaby was brave enough to try the camelibre supplement we feed the herd he's decided he loved it. Today he was the first one to the troughs and was helping Duchess clear up long after everyone else had moved off!

After the weekend off from the knitting I have picked up the needles again this evening. we have a stall at the Morpeth Farmers Market this weekend, so thought I'd get at least some gloves done. We are also taking along Hughie and Loki to show people where the knitwear and jewellery comes from, so if you live locally come and say hello and show your support.

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