Saturday 31 October 2009

Spit offs and smelly

For the first time in a week Paul actually got to see the alpacas today. Now the clocks have changed and with some very long hours this week he hasn't managed to see anyone since last Sunday evening.

I always try to let him feed when he's here so he doesn't just get the restraining jobs when I need to do something to somebody. He wasn't quick enough at putting the food out and a bit of a squabble broke out between Oonagh and Ursula and I just happened to get in the way so ended up wearing the contents of Ursula's mouth - great!

Next on the list was spit offs. Milly needed spitting off and I wanted to spit Imala and Geena off too, both were spitting off before they were scanned negative by the vet a week or so ago. All three girls went absolutely mad when Gianmarco made his move. Imala tried to flatten ham and spat like crazy - great to go with the food Ursula spat on my I was now green and yes you guessed it rather smelly!

So we now have to wait and see who is wrong, the vet who scanned the girls or the girls themselves. I'm not sure about Geena because she spat off all last year despite not being pregnant and we had to use Estrumate on her to get her cycling properly. Imala on the other hand has been easy to read in the past so I'm more included to think she might be pregnant. The vet was so sure though; time will tell.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like you have had a smelly, spitty kinda day !!...I've been 'spit free' for weeks now !!! YIPEE !!!.. I wonder who's right the vet or the girls... I'll have no babies next year I'll be smitten with yours......Jayne