Wednesday 16 February 2011

Accident prone

I haven't the best of days today, firstly I opened a new sack of Fibergest this morning only to knock it over and half the sack ended up on the floor.  Then on leaving the garage with all the feed (yes I was carrying too much in one go as usual), I dropped the tub with the chicken food in which popped open, spilt and went under the car with a flat battery which was on charge! 

However after all this and a very wet start to the day it turned out to be really nice, which always helps to improve things.  When I went out at lunchtime I managed to catch Hughie sunbathing. It's not the best photo as it was taken from quite a distance away on my mobile but you can see how relaxed he looked. 

This afternoon I headed off to Gibside for the monthly spinning group only to find that it wasn't on!  Great, only a 50 mile round trip - not happy!  At  least the car got a good run and the battery seemed fine after it's charge.

I came back to find the younger 'big boys', Tenzing (white) and Sandstorm (fawn) enjoying a bit of rough and tumble.  They were having a great time and didn't even notice me with the camera.  As you can see they are both rather dirty.


Judi said...

Watching the boys play-fighting can't help but make you forget all those mishaps! Great to see other folk have dirty alpacas's just impossible to keep them prim isn't it? They somehow even manage to get dirty in the barn!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

A day trip out and it wasn't on ! typical....Ive had a bit of an accident prone day...I spilt all the bird the barn ! so you're not the only one...managed to get the quad that was good !...and the boys are looking very handsome.....under those big dirty fleeces....! Jayne