Thursday 24 February 2011

Rolling a marble

It has been a gloriously sunny warm day today which was great as I had some outside jobs that needed doing. 

My parents headed home mid morning, so I didn't have my enthusiastic poo picking helper to help.  Mum always seems to get poo picking duties in the rain and mud!

Mary is walking much better today, in fact she is now back to running from one feed trough to another and back to you again.  Despite this, she still managed to eat more than most of the herd do to the rapid value she consumes in one mouthful.

Although she is walking much better a lump has appeared today on her toe.  I managed to get a picture of Mary's marble!
It has definitely not been there before, and the soreness appeared much further up the leg.  She had been examined from toe to thigh and she never flinched when I was at her feet.  All very odd I will check it in the morning and deal with it if necessary then.

Whilst I was out poo picking with the camera I almost managed to catch LMI (Little Miss Irraqquoy) with all four legs in the air, she does love a good roll does Irraquoy.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I wonder if Alpacas can suffer from mud-fever....the horses do and it can be swollen and very painful !....the answer is to try and keep the legs dry ..easier said than done..with these wet conditions.......just thinking out-loud ! you know, Debbie I bring my alpacas in every night...and I think if I didn't they might have problems coz its just so wet and muddy ! just gives them the chance to get their feet and legs dry !......what do you think........Jayne

Judi said...

One of our alpacas has a lump like yours. It doesn't appear painful but we do worry that it might affect her gait. It is on the inside of one of her toes, very hard, not at all tender. The vet looked at it last Summer and thought it would just go on its own but it hardly seems to change. We watch it closely to ensure there's not an infection's a real puzzle to us so it will be interesting to watch the progress of your lump! As our appeared during last years very dry Summer, it wasn't down to had it appeared recently, well that's another matter!