Wednesday 23 February 2011

Quagmire quarantine

We had a lot more rain over night and the gateway from Guinea to the other big boys is a complete mess.  Hughie is constantly on guarding duties and paddling through the mud, making a complete mess of the field and himself.

So after mum and I had finished the morning feed routine I bought up some hurdles from down the lane to block off Hughie's quagmire.  He wasn't very impressed but needs must I'm afraid Mr Hubert you are making too much mess!  And so much for today's weather improving as the day went on, it got duller and duller.

I was in trouble with Paul when he got back from a few days working away, his quad is rather dirty - well he does tell me off for not using it and carrying everything by hand; I can't win!

I'm pleased to say that Mary is improving and is now putting weight on her back leg, hopefully she will be 100% again very soon.

This evening I've been busy spinning some of Chiquita, I received a text from Carol saying that she is almost out of wool so I don't want her sat there twiddling her thumbs.  Mum has knitted a hat today, so she too is getting low on supplies.  It's a good job it will be shearing time again soon.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Shearing time again !....lets get the babies here first.....then ...shearing time !!.....Im just wondering, if you are tempted by any random Grey spare fleeces that you have lying around !...:0) ......Jayne