Friday 25 February 2011

Foot update

It has been a lovely day again today, well after a quick drizzle shower this morning which resulted in a mad dash to fetch my washing in. 

Mary's foot is the same, although she is now walking almost normally.  I had a feel of the lump today, feeling it didn't worry her at all.  It is hard, not warm or tender at all.  I will keep a close eye on it and see what happens.

Hughie and Golden Guinea had a bit of a to do this morning. Guinea decided that he would follow Paul onto the back lawn to feed the chickens which caused Hughie great concern.

He went absolutely mad, screeching and trying to push his was through the fence to get to Guinea who completely ignored him.  Hughie definitely didn't like the fact that Guinea was closer to the house than he was!

The herd will be pleased to hear that we took delivery of a new pallet of Camelibra  feed today, luckily for us David was about with his forklift or it would have meant moving 50 sacks by hand. 

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