Saturday 19 February 2011

Snowy walk

Well it was forecast so it shouldn't really have come as any surprise but we woke this morning to snow!  It has been like the middle of December today not almost the end of February.

Needless to say the various movements we had planned for today didn't happen.  Golden Guinea is still in his favourite stud strip watching over the ladies, the ladies didn't get their fresh grass and the final cria of last year are still with their mummy's.

The forecast for tomorrow is better so fingers crossed it will all happen then.

Despite the appalling weather Paul and I had planned a walk for this afternoon so this happened regardless.  It was very pleasurable and we enjoyed the stroll, even if it was freezing cold and through snow.  You can see I'm smiling (I didn't realise Paul was taking the photo, hence the face!).

When I spoke to my mum this evening she was bragging that since she went home last week she has knitted a pair of socks and a baby hat.  What with mum and Carol knitting at speed I am feeling rather inferior for not keeping up!

They are both running out of wool though so I think I'd better concentrate my efforts on spinning the last few bits of fleece and look forward to shearing in the spring so we can replenish stocks of yarn further!


Rob @ Wellground said...

Not snow again. You are having a winter of it up there.

Rob n Les

Rosemary said...

Snow again!
It's Long Johns for us next week!!
. . . and how do they knit socks that quickly!