Saturday 12 February 2011

What you doing down there

We had had a little incident with a wheel on one of the hay hecks some time ago, and as it will need moving soon when the girls move round into the next field we thought we'd better nip to Cowans to order a replacement. 

Before we went I thought I'd better check the size and fittings to make sure we got the right one, whilst I was on the floor Kealani was watching wondering what on earth I was doing down there!

Whilst we were over at Scotsgap we nipped in for a cuppa and chat with Carol and for once didn't take Dave more fleece to card or bring home any knitting.  

Hughie is certainly enjoying being in the field behind the house, he is loving all the attention he's getting from Steve next door not to mention being able to keep his eye on every one's comings and goings.

There were many more comings and goings today as the local hunt passed through.  The alpacas all watched, intrigued by the visiting hounds and horses in the neighbouring fields.  The speed at which the hounds cover ground and the control the huntsmen have on them is amazing.

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Oh you have grown!!