Sunday 27 February 2011

Hughie supervisors visitors

Many thanks for the very kind comments and emails following yesterdays blog, it is really nice to receive comments and have some interaction with you all.

After a lovely weekend with family, we waved them off, having packed Archie  (10 month old Nephew) a nice freshly laid egg, it was still warm for his breakfast later in the week.  I couldn't give him any more as we'd eaten them all!!

No sooner has they left we had more visitors who enjoyed walking round the paddock making plans.  Hughie kept a close eye on everything, I think he was trying to listen in to see if they were doing it right!  Golden Guinea was enjoying posing too, he really does know how to look good for the camera.

I have a very busy week planned so much so I think I need to write myself a list before I forget anything.

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Rosemary said...

A pair of gorgeous boys - Archie and Golden Guinea, and, of course, Hughie!
I am sure the visitors were very impressed!!