Monday 14 February 2011

Supervision on a mass scale

On the job list today was to make sure I got the photos taken of all the new knitwear that is needing uploading into the online shop. 

There was quite a pile so it was going to take a while, I like to find a natural surrounding to go with our natural products, which usually causes issues.  Today was no different, eventually I managed to nip out in between rain and the locations drying enough. 

Then came the assistance, Hughie checking out what was new in stock.
Once Hughie had approved and told Loki how fantastic the latest stock was, Loki found it necessary to stand on guard!

After all that hard work Loki, Tenzing and Sandstorm were exhausted!!!
All I need to do now is get Paul to do the easy bit and upload it all, only joking Paul I know it's a bit technical, hence you are doing it and not me!

1 comment:

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Its always nice to have some helpers...and your shop...must be a Warehouse...!!! by now !..and I can imagine..all those lovely new items...just waiting to fly off the shelf !...Its just down to Paul complete the technical task...all tghe hard work has been done..creating the exclusive....Barnacre Knit Ware Range..!!........and you had some dry get the photos were lucky !!....Jayne