Wednesday 6 July 2011

Beware of the text

The swallows have built another nest in the trailer, can you believe it, you certainly have to give them ten out of ten of persistence.  As they are so determined I have left them to it, but they are going to have to have an outing or two before they fledge, if they make it that far.

I have had a very embarrassing occurrence this evening.  It had today become apparent that the yearlings need to be separated, Wynfor who isn't a year old until later this month, has decided that it is a good idea to try and mate Casiphia who is happy to sit for him!

This evening when we had visitors we walked in on a juvenile orgy, Wynfor was trying to mate Casiphia, Rory was on Layla and Niveous on Freyja.  I sent Paul the following text, "mass orgy underway, separation is a must".  The only problem is instead of sending it to Paul I sent it to someone else by mistake!  To make matter worse I didn't realise until he text me to ask where!!!

I quickly replied that I was talking alpacas, how embarrassing is that.  It's a good job he couldn't see how red I went.  Paul thought it was highly amusing when I told him what I'd done.


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

fantastic! thanks for sharing that - the mind boggles with how you might respond to such a text, and how to go about the 'separation'!

Cotswold Vale Alpacas said...

LOL that really made me chuckled :-)