Thursday 14 July 2011


Following Gabby giving birth on Tuesday I decided I no longer had any excuse not to move the little girls away from the boys.  I knew they wouldn't be happy.

It was the first job after everyone had been fed, the first three to walk up the lane was Meketaten, Casiphia and Lucia.  These three all walk well and happily trotted off once they'd left their mates. 

Meketaten decided that the road didn't look like it should be walked on and froze at the edge of the grass!  Once the other two walked on it and having sniffed and tapped it with her foot she decided it was safe and happily walked up the road.

Once we reached the main herd the girls went off exploring, Casiphia soon found her mum but was sent packing.

Then it was back down for Layla, Lady Godiva and Freyja.  Freyja isn't the best on the halter but she was surprisingly well behaved and walked happily up the road, maybe we've turned the corner there.

The boys were not happy at the girls leaving, in fact Niveous was screeching, spitting and standing in front of the girls so she couldn't move, he is usually very quiet!

Minimus is not at all happy that Lucia has gone, he has been moaning all day and wouldn't even eat his tea tonight which is not at all like him, he's usually the last to finish.

The young girls stuck together but were checked out by every one, little Sahara decided to join them and has spent most of the day with them.  As you can see she's with them here.
Layla was trying hard to attract her mum Willow's attention, but when she was ignored she started jumping on Willow which didn't go down well.  Willow is so close to her first daughter Chiquita, particularly when they don't have cria at foot so it will be interesting to see if she is so close to Layla once her current baby Angelica is weaned later in the year.

Chiquita is positively blooming and is due to have her cria later this month, hopefully it won't be too much longer for her sake she's looking like she might pop!

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Unknown said...

Our girls all reunited into family groups when put back together...the yearlings appear to take on a babysitting role for their siblings (especially when the dogs are about)...very sweet!