Wednesday 27 July 2011

Happy birthday Rory

It is Barnacre Rory's first birthday today, Rory is one of the four young boys we currently have for sale.  He is a lovely friendly boy who had his first outing the weekend before last and was a little star.  He happily let people stroke and admire him (despite the horrible weather at Otterburn).

Rory was partly bottle fed as his mum Geena can't produce enough milk, it is an annual job with all Geena's cria.  Thankfully Rory was a good little feeder and was even happy to have my two year old niece help out, aren't they both sweet!
He has turned into a lovely young friendly boy with a very fine fleece full of character, which despite his mum being black is exceptionally bright.  Here he is today celebrating with his friends, Minimus, Niveous and Wynfor.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wow....I cant believe that Rory is a year old...he is so grown up now ! He looks a lovely Big Boy now....its quite frightening just how quick these babies grow up !!....Jayne