Tuesday 5 July 2011

Sheep shearing

This morning I was determined to get the last of my sheep sheared, I was going to do it last week but with a sore knee and finger I decided it could wait.  With rain forecast for later in the week it was today's job.

Once I eventually got the generator working; I pulled and I pulled, I moved and moved the generator to see if that helped but all it kept doing was spluttering and stopped.  After I'd resorted to giving it a bit of a kick it seemed to get the message and started. 

All I'd done was start the generator and I was already sweating like a pig and worn out!  Shearing was much more successful and no need for any blue spray, not a single nick so i was very pleased.

With mine all done Alan wanted a bit of help with his so I spent the rest of the day getting his sheep penned ready for a professional shearer.  I'm sure Ricky was shearing about a dozen to my one!  Oh well you've got to start somewhere.

On my return the the alpacas it looks like the cria felt as worn out as I did..... 

1 comment:

Rosemary said...

Very clever - sheep shearing is hard work! We chickened out this year and got The Shepherd to do it!