Saturday 23 July 2011

The great outdoors

There was a big job list to get through today, so it was another early start.

After the morning feeding routine we decided to move a bale of hay and straw that were in one of the rented fields.  It was a good excuse for Paul to have a play with the tractor and forks.  Thankfully all went according to plan and other than a broken pallet.

Next on the job list was the weeds, Paul needed to do some strimming whilst I was doing a bit of poo picking. 

We wanted to let the new rescued hens have a bit more freedom, they seemed to have coped well with their big kennel and yard so we thought it was time to release them into the wild outdoors!  It took them a while but by the end of the day most of them had ventured out.  Hopefully they will remember to go back in to lay their eggs or I will have a daily egg hunt!

On the alpaca front everyone is happy, Geena is our only girl left to birth and she's not actually due until early August.  All the cria have been enjoying playing in the sunshine, followed by a snooze or two.

Gabby had obviously decided to leave her daughter, Lady Godiva (her 2010 cria) to babysit her full sister Nadia.  Gabby is very protective of Nadia who isn't allowed to play with the other babies, she is the same every year. 

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lady Godiva and Nadia look very content....sitting together, the family bonds are very strong...I often find my girls sitting in a row with their previous years babies and the new babies....Jayne