Saturday 2 July 2011

Cambo Village Fate

It's been a very busy day again here today, we had a couple of early morning meetings to fit in after the morning feed run and before we had to get back to pick up the animals to head off to Cambo Village Fate.

I was up early to load the car with the knitwear and all the paraphernalia associated with a Barnacre outing.  Sometimes I think I need a trailer to tow a trailer!

It was the turn of Pearson, Ochre and Minimus who were allowed out to play today.  Pearson and Ochre love the attention that these outing always attract.   Minimus isn't quite so sure and usually positions himself in the middle of the pen so he can't be reached, however today he was allowing a select few to stroke him.

We did take the camera however as is usually the case we didn't actually have time (or remember) to take a photo for the blog I'm afraid.

Our vet, Sam spotted us and came to say hello, he son was playing  in the football tournament, and his team Longhorsley won.  Carol and Dave also came  over to say hello whilst they were there and somehow got roped in to helping pack up - thank you again, as always you are far too good to us.

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Rosemary said...

Love to see another picture of Minimus - he is a lovely little chap! . . . and the little girl I fell for, but I can't remeber her name.