Thursday 21 July 2011

Sit, spit or run

At  last the sun has been shining, Jam-Packed and Piccolina have had their coats off and have been enjoying the sun on their backs.  They are both extremely active and independent, racing off on their own.  Both Imala and Chiquita seem pretty chilled about the whole thing - it's a good job really as there is no stopping them.

The rescue hens seem to have settled in nicely and are getting braver by the day, most of them have already got the hang of laying their eggs in the nest box rather than wherever they were standing.  They actually stood round watching me clean out their house today waiting to see what they could scratch around in.

This evening we had lots of spit offs to do, I suspected Kate was going to sit before I'd even fetched Loki and she did.  This is very out of character for Kate, it normally takes her a little while after birthing before she wants to be mated but she usually takes first time.  If she doesn't take this time I think I will have to speak to the vet.

Veruschka also sat and did Kealani, however she is a very submissive maiden so I'm not entirely sure if she is pregnant or not - one to scan I think!

Everyone else spat, ran or just gave me 'that' look, once you get to know your animals you soon learn to read the signs as all the girls do act differently to the males advances.

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