Sunday 3 July 2011

Don't forget me

I really don't know where this weekend has done, it's 11.30 and I still have a list of jobs to do before bedtime.

We have been helping out at a dog show this afternoon, no alpacas in tow today but Paul was on the microphone and I was selling raffle tickets and playing gofer. 

This evening we were planning on mating Palm-Olive, she is a fabulous two year old from Accoyo Remarque with a great fleece (admired at the mill last week by Juliet).  She all of a sudden didn't want to be a big girl anymore and found the whole thing rather scary and didn't want to sit. 

I don't like to force the girls to sit so I will leave her until I mate her mum Molly next week so she can see how it's done.  She has been happy to flirt a fair bit but it's obviously a different story when it's a bit more real.

Tenzing is in bad books, he decided that when we were taking Legend and Gianmarco up to see the ladies he didn't want to miss out and jumped the fence to come with us!  He seemed surprised that no one followed him.  I soon got hold of him and returned him to his rightful place.

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