Sunday 17 July 2011

Day two at Otterburn Festival

After yesterdays downpours and torrential rain all night we weren't really looking forward to a return visit to Otterburn Festival, but it's all about fund raising for the Air Ambulance and Help for Hero's so off we went.  It was a birthday outing for Minimus, he is one today!

We were dressed in waterproofs from head to toe, but as we arrived at the show ground to rain finally stopped.  We were lucky enough to set up in the dry and the rain stayed off for a little while, but just as the alpacas were starting to dry off it heavens opened.

Sadly for the charities involved the weather certainly meant that visitor numbers were down on previous years but the alpacas still proved very popular.  The sun finally did shine just in time for the RAF parachute team, Rory was trying to work out why there was a smoke flare being set off. 

They put on a fantastic show.

 Lets hope they raised lots of money and get some sponsors to help make next years show a success.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Glad the sun made an appearance !...albeit a brief one !....its a good cause and lets hope next year its a nice dry one !......the alpacas always attract the crowds, no matter the weather......Jayne