Thursday 4 October 2012

A proud moment

Today I am feeling rather proud of myself, I have completed my first ever pair of gloves, full ones with fingers!  When you think I couldn't even knit until I got my alpacas I am very proud of what I can now achieve.

On a creative note I have learnt to spin, weave, felt and knit and all thanks to alpacas, even if I do say so myself I (along with mum and Carol) now create a fabulous range of Barnacre goods which are proving to be more and more sought after month by month.  I just love the fact that all our goods come form our own herd and each item is traced to a particular alpaca.

I have been admiring our latest knitted garments today whilst photographing them ready to put the into our on line shop.  I'd done a lot of the preparation work but I don't do the publishing bit, knowing my luck I would do something wrong and mess up the website so I leave that bit to Paul!

The alpacas have been enjoying a spot of sunbathing today, autumnal sunshine always proves popular particularly with the big girls and lets face it we've not had much sunbathing weather this year so you can't blame them for the mass wipe out.

My pesky cat Izzie is making the most of the dry evening and has gone AWOL so I'd better go and find her.

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