Tuesday 2 October 2012

Mary wants in the lounge

It has been another day of sunshine and showers, well when I say showers I mean more like torrential downpours.  At one point I went in to get dried off and the sun came out so there was a lovely rainbow starting in the hay field.

I took this from the living room window.
As the weather is so poor I've been making use of what will be our back lawn for the three mum's and babies who are in very close proximity to the shed so they can be ushered in each time it rains.  As you can see when I went in for lunch little Pablo (Mum Chiquita dad Golden Guinea) was trying to get in.

Not to be outdone when I opened the door shortly afterwards Mary was straight over and had I not stopped her she would have been through the door and sat on my nice cream living room carpet!

The girls are tucked back up in the shed tonight which is a good thing because it's absolutely throwing it down again; will it ever stop I wonder?!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What an excellent view from the window !! .... great to see the Alpacas enjoying the new neighbours ....who's looking at who ! .....Jayne

Judi B said...

How mean...cream carpet...this obviously says "No alpacas in here!"