Saturday, 27 October 2012

Family photo

We woke to a slight covering of snow this morning, it obviously carried on snowing after we'd gone to be.  One good thing about the frozen ground meant we were able to take the tractor up the hill without causing any damage to the channel.

I needed two bales of hay moving up, but but the time we'd moved things round and jumped the tractor to get it going things were starting to melt!  By the time the two bales were actually in situe there was no frozen ground left and the ruts were being dug.

We'd just finished moving them when Pat and Eric came to see their boys, Leonidas, Olly and Seymour.  With the sun shining I managed to catch this lovely family photo....

I'm pleased to report that Azrael now likes his bottle and today for the first time took it without me having to put the teat in his mouth.  I also managed to get him to try sugarbeet which he decided he loved and happily took it from Pat's hand.  Hopefully all this will get him back on track, he's certainly looking happier in himself today.

I have also had a go at shearing one of the goats.  They should have been done last month but what with the weather and the guy I was going to use damaging his arm they've not been done.  To cut a long story short Nutmeg is now sheared but her fleece isn't usable - I need to find someone who can do the other 5!

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Rosemary said...

Very glad to hear about Azrael.
Shame we are so far away - Carl loves shearing the goats!!