Sunday 21 October 2012

A weekend at Wallington Hall

We have had a busy weekend at Wallington Food and Craft fair.  It has become one of our regular events and people come with their shopping lists expecting us to be there.  As usual the alpacas drew a big crowd and on more than one occasion we were accused of hogging all the punters!

Minimus, Niveous and Seymour have been out on patrol, they are all very relaxed when they are out and about.   Minimus loves it because he knows he gets lots of carrot, Seymour just enjoys being noisy and Niveous just goes with the flow.

Not only did the alpacas receive lots of attention and praise so did our knitwear and other Barnacre products.  Lots of stock was purchased with people doing a spot of early Christmas shopping and treating themselves.  Our paca poo fire bricks went very well, so well in fact I ran out - note to self make sure you take more than one crate next time.

I didn't take the camera with me, but Paul snapped this rather poor quality shot very early on, in fact I think it might even have been before the event officially opened as that was about the only time it was quiet.

When it came to packing away we had three very willing volunteers to hold the alpacas whilst we were loading the car and putting the hurdles in the trailer!

We came away with a few knitting orders too, so mum, Carol and I all have our next knitting project sorted and we desperately need to knit more gloves as they just fly off the shelf.


Anonymous said...

You and Paul and alpacas did very well. Thank goodness gloves aren't my'd best let Janet know....oh and you're very good st the gloves now Debbie! I await my list, he he!

Bev said...

Sounds like a grand day out.

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