Tuesday 9 October 2012

Go on whistle

It's been another glorious day, one that the girls have spent sunbathing on a number of occasions!  It started off with a keen frost which meant the goaties weren't too keen on going out, well their leader Nutmeg wasn't so that meant that the rest of them had to hang round to make sure they weren't going to miss something.
Once they got going they happily trotted over to their field and went off to explore.  They are fab, I love them, I just wish we could find them a boyfriend so we can have babies next year,  If anyone knows of any Angora Billy Goats north of Devon do please let me know!

Ant and Dec had a visit from their new mummy again today, Jan is really nice, the boys are going to get spoilt rotten.  We had a lovely afternoon having a good chat over a cup of tea which took forever to make, I hadn't realised at the time but the aga isn't working again.

It's less than a year old and we've already had them out to it once because the circuit board blew which I suspect has now happened a second time - not happy.  May kettle has been on to boil since 7.45 and I'm still waiting for a whistle!!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

There was some Angora goats up near to me a while ago!! The goats look lovely. Hope the kettle soon finds its whistle !! so you can have a well earned cuppa !....Jayne

Unknown said...

One of the owners of the Wool Clip at Caldbeck breeds Angora goats. Their farm is in the North Lakes. She produces angora socks!

Judi B said...

Hope you get the Aga sorted soon, can't manage without something to boil a kettle on can we?!

Rosemary said...

Yes, those Angoras are lovely - hope you find a Billy!
I have gone for 4'wild' sheep as my next purchase!

Andrew said...

We have a love / hate relationship with our electric aga. mostly though i hate it, good for stews and roasts, good at keeping the kichen warm while we are out at work, good at eating electric. Service costs are horrendus we have had a number of breakdowns. Regular oiling of the fan motor is a must do.