Tuesday 23 October 2012

Spinning a yarn

I've had a lovely day today, after the morning feed rounds in the fog I rammed the car full of fleece ready for a ride up the The Border Mill to collect some of my yarn and drop off more fleeces.

I was taking Jan along with me, who recently bought six alpacas from us so she could see how the fabulous fleece from her new alpacas can be turned into great yarn by John and Juliet.  We are very keen to help everyone who buys alpacas from us every step of the way and that includes how to make the most from their fleece. 

Fleece is a real passion of mine, hence we are keen to keep other fibre producing animals like our angora goats and Shetland sheep.  I also managed to get a glimpse of some other wool I fancy, I've been trying to get my hands on the producer of for a little while now, hopefully I might manage it now I know of a friendly keeper.

After we'd been to the mill and and we'd drooled over my latest yarn we headed off for a spot of lunch at a nearby castle - great recommendation Juliet thanks.  We had a lovely lunch and a chat all things alpaca and more before heading home to feed all the animals before it got dark.

Whilst I've been away we have received a number of very interesting emails today, looks like there are a lot of like minded people about!

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