Friday 5 October 2012

New tastes and freedom

It has been a lovely autumnal day today, many of the girls have been enjoying a spot of sunbathing, unfortunately my camera phone isn't very good from a distance so the photo's were no good!

Have been been taking lots of photo's of our knitwear and the stock is mounting up in the shop, although as soon as I'm adding it I'm having to mark it as sold - not that I'm complaining, but if you have your eye on something you'd better buy it whilst you can.  Our next outing with the knitwear is at Wallington in a couple of weeks so hopefully like in the past our goodies will prove popular.

We seem to have had a sudden leap forward on the number of cria eating hard feed, the last couple of days have seen Prodigiosus and Palace start eating.  I'm glad Geena's little man is now eating hard feed, I always feel that bottle fed cria miss out on vitamins and minerals that they would get from mum. 

Liberty now loves her bottle but still isn't interested in hard feed, she is thinking about sugarbeet though so hopefully that will be the start of new taste buds.

I decided today to let the new hens out, I was hoping that they would just follow the original ones straight down to the shed.  The good news is they didn't, well not for the first few hours anyway; they were down by tea time thought!

My last batch of cream crested leg bar eggs are due to hatch today, there are only 7 of them but so far 4 have peep holes and a 5th is moving so hopefully by morning we will have some more hens, yes hens, no cockerels please!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Great news about the little ones starting to like the hard feed, also that Liberty is doing well, is she still improving on her legs ? How many chickens do you have now ? at this rate you'll be needing a bigger chicken house...Jayne

Rosemary said...

Just caught up and read about your gloves with fingers! What a mammoth achievement!